Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Beautiful City & Lake Views - Just One Reason to Love the Gold Coast

Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood is literally unlike any other in the county. It features amazing, front row views of Lake Michigan to the east and stunning city views to the south and west.

Lake Michigan view from the Gold Coast (pixabay.com)

If you move to the Gold Coast neighborhood, you'll have the pleasure of waking up and going to sleep to these magnificent views every day. You'll also be just steps away from the beach.

As a resident of Chicago, I can attest how beautiful the morning sun looks on the lake and the serenity of the pink and orange sunsets.

Chicago sunset (pixabay.com)

If you decide you'd rather have a city view, you are in for a treat! You could get a magnificent view of the John Hancock building, like in this photo below.

Chicago's Gold Coast at night (pixabay.com)

Once the sun goes down, the real fun begins in Chicago's Gold Coast. The city view from the Gold Coast is simply breathtaking.

As you can see, the views from Chicago's Gold Coast never get boring no matter the time of day or night. Awaken your senses and truly take in all the Gold Coast has to offer.

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